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The interviews after the vertical race

«Already last night in the sprint race, which is certainly not my specialty, I felt good feelings, but today things went really great. - says the winner Federico Nicolini - We knew that it was a short race, in which big calculations could not be made, so when halfway through, when I saw that I was in the group of the best, I decided to break the delay and all. Only when I reached the finish line did I realize that I had made it and it was an immense joy. The first competitions of the season are always a bit particular, because we don't know the form of the opponents, so my hope is to be able to confirm these performances also in the next stages».
«A third place yesterday, a second today, to say that my season has started on the right foot, - says Robert Antonioli - in particular we can be satisfied with the performance of the whole blue team, which placed four athletes in the first four places of the ranking. As for the race, at three hundred meters there were five of us in front of dictating the pace, when suddenly Nicolini started, surprising us a little; at first I thought he would have exploded, but he held out until the end, congratulations to him».
"This is a third place that is worth a lot, - says a smiling Davide Magnini - because I have recovered from a shoulder injury and until the last I was uncertain about my presence in this race. I fought for the success until the middle of the race, then I lacked some energy, but, I repeat, I would have signed up to get on the podium. In these short and tough challenges, there is no tactic that holds, you have to push hard for more than twenty minutes and the one who gives up last wins. Note also the first four places, all blue, a great result».
«My goal today was to win, I can't deny it, - explains the queen of the senior race Axelle Gachet Mollaret - even if it was difficult to know at what level my preparation was. After the birth of the baby this was my first competition and I confess that in the end I struggled a lot, because I lack a bit of background, but I am happy with the pace that I managed to maintain from start to finish. In the last 100 meters I was afraid of exploding, but it wasn't like that ».
«I think I had a good test today - says Ilaria Veronese, fourth among the seniors - The podium was not far away, at about thirty seconds, but I couldn't do more. The level of the opponents was very high and I could not expect more than this from my engine. At the start I tried to keep up with the first few, I managed to do it for a while, then the French and Swiss stretched out and I preferred to manage my energy until the finish line».
After the disappointment for the sprint race, in which I made a mistake at the start, - explains Andrea Prandi, first among the under-23s - I wanted to redeem myself and this victory, but above all the eighth place overall, gratify me a lot and they give me morale for the rest of the season. Right after the first few meters of the race I felt that the leg was responding and so I gave my all. I hope to continue like this ».
«This is an incredible result for me. - confesses Austrian Paul Verbnjak, first among the under 20s - In the first section I had three opponents in front of me and halfway through the race I decided to push very hard, managing to break away from everyone. I struggled a lot, but the satisfaction is great. Last year I had some podiums, but never a victory. I have prepared well in recent months and the desired result has arrived. The best way to start the season ».
«I didn't expect to go so fast in my first World Cup race. - says Antonia Niedermaier, first among the under 20s - A demanding race, but I must admit that the vertical races are the challenges in which I express myself at my best and today we saw it».
"What a surprise the German! - says Samantha Bertolina, second among the under 20s - At her first appearance she went really fast, especially on the flat sections, where I struggle more. She had an extra gear, but even uphill she showed off a short and light step. Congratulations to her, I'm still satisfied with my second place, after the disappointment in the sprint where I messed up a bit too much».
«If, on the eve of these two days of the World Cup, they had told me that I would have brought home two podiums, I would have signed immediately. - explains Lisa Moreschini, third among the under 20s - It was not an easy race, very hard with challenging walls. I couldn't do more than this and above all congratulations to the winner».

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