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Edizione 2023

Eydallin and Antonioli Men World Champions

Robert Antonioli and Matteo Eydallin  (photo Meneghello)
Robert Antonioli and Matteo Eydallin (photo Meneghello)

The third time for Matteo Eydallin and the first time for Robert Antonioli. The eighth edition of the Adamello Ski Raid is the evidence that the athlete from Piemonte and the athlete from Valtellina are the ski mountaineering undisputed champions. The two members of the Army Sports Centre earned the podium as world champions at the beginning of March in the team race and they also earned the gold medal in the Pontedilegno-Tonale race, which awarded them the title of world championship long distance team.
The victory had been announced for the two women champions, the French Alex Mollaret and Emily Harrop. The race was also stage of the circuit of the La Grande Course with the participation of 260 athletes of 17 nations. The happiness of the champions, of the podium teams and of the all ski mountaineers arrived at the finish line, however, soon turned to sadness and mourning when the news that one of the competitors, struck by a sudden heart attack, had died. Despite having been promptly assisted by his teammate and by the mountain rescue medical personnel present at high altitude and subsequently transported downstream by the helicopter rescue service with the coordination of the judicial authority of Brescia, Omar Ferrero, 42 years old, from San Secondo di Pinerolo, a member of the Prali Val Germanasca ski club, which was in the race with partner Ivan Monnet, died of cardiac arrest. The Organizing Committee, shocked, decided to limit the celebratory tones of the award ceremony as much as possible, which took place in the name of maximum sobriety.
The race was held as an attentive performance by the two blue Alpini, who managed in the best possible way one's energies along the 30 km of the route, which had a positive difference in altitude of 3,115 meters and a negative one of 3,455, with 12 set-up changes, 4 ascents, 4 descents, 4 sections on foot of which 2 uphill.
At the passage to the 2,990 meters of Passo Presena, at the first skin change, five teams arrived practically paired, the three Italian teams and the two French. First descent and second ascent towards the highest point of the race (Punta Venerocolo a 3,312 meters) and the first twist of the race has arrived: the withdrawal of the team formed by Davide Magnini from Vermiglio and his team partner Nadir Maguet from Val d’Aosta; the latter was on a bad day.Shortly after, another unexpected forfeit arrived in the female competition: the top Italian team formed by Alba De Silvestro from Veneto and Giulia Murada from Valtellina, who had declared before the start of not being at the top.
At Punta Venerocolo nothing was decided, with the two French teams made up of Mathèo Jacquemod and Samuel Equy, and by William Bon Mardion and Xavier Gachet following each other, as well as the Italian couple. Eydallin's experience and Antonioli's tenacity made the difference on the ascent to Cresta Croce, in the final section with skis in their backpack up to an altitude of 3,307 metres, when they managed to detach their opponents, albeit only slightly, advantage that gradually intensified even in the last climb to the 2,996 meters of Passo dei Tre Denti, when the two athlets managed the leadership in the descent to the finish line in Ponte di Legno. Robert Antonioli and Matteo Eydallin have so finished the race with arms raised after 4 hours 4 minutes and 24 seconds of competition, ahead of Matheo Jacquemod by 2'49" and Samuel Equy; by 7'2" behind the winners came the other two transalpines athletes William Bon Mardion and Xavier Gachet. After 12 minutes the second Italian team, formed by Federico Nicolini from Molveno in Trentino and Alex Oberbacher from Ortisei in Alto Adige, crossed the finish line; afterwards came the Austrian team with Daniel Ganahl and Paul Verbnjak and later the Swiss team with Pierre Mettan and Julien Ancay. The Open challenge saw the emergence of the Austro-Swiss couple instead formed by Jakob Hermann and Martin Anthamatten (fourth time overall), ahead of the Italian-Swiss team William Boffelli and Werner Marti.
The women's competition has no rivals, with the champions Axelle Mollaret and Emily Harrop in the lead since the first meters of verticality, up to the finish line, where they finished with a time of 4 hours 57 minutes 55 seconds. After more than 6 minutes the other transalpine team composed of the sisters Lena and Candice Bonnel reached the finish line, while the world bronze medal was earned by Giulia Compagnoni from Valtellina Valfurva and Ilaria Veronese from Coazze in Piemonte. Fourth place overall, but first in the Open female category, for the Italian team composed of Elena Nicolini from Molveno in Trentino and Corinna Ghirardi from Ponte di Legno, province of Brescia. They concluded the race with the time 5 hours 23 minutes 17 seconds.
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