Adamello Ski Raid Adamello Ski Raid La grande course ISMF
Edizione 2023

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Axelle Mollaret  (photo Meneghello)
Axelle Mollaret (photo Meneghello)

Matteo Eydallin: I know the pitfalls of Adamello Ski Raid very well, a very long and demanding race with a great difference in altitude, where it is necessary to manage your own physical abilities. My personal experience with the two gold medals earned in this race in 2015 and 2017 reminded us to start moderately performing a regular rhythm. In the ascent to Cresta Croce we were together with the two French teams and we increased the pace managing to detach them and forcing even in the last ascent. Then downhill we managed the advantage.
Robert Antonioli: I am very happy with this world title and for the first time at the Adamello Ski Raid. It was a very demanding race and I am satisfied with how I managed to handle myself, thanks above all to the experience of Matteo, who set the pace, especially in the last ascent, where he prodded me continuously. Downhill I also had a small injury to a finger on one hand, while falling, but it wasn't anything serious. The descent to the finish line was endless, but the victory takes away all the hardships.
Axelle Mollaret: The Adamello Ski Raid was the longest and most challenging race of the season, in terms of energy management. We started focused right away, because the Italian team De Silvestro and Murada was fearsome. Then they withdrew, but still it wasn’t easy, especially after an intense season from a competitive point of view. It is my second gold medal in this race and I I’m very grateful.
Emily Harrop: I am very joyful for this success and for the world title at my first participation in the Admello Ski Raid, a long and complex competition that we tried to face by managing the energies as best as possible and we succeeded. I’m tired but satisfied and and I want to congratulate the organization for having set up a high quality route despite the little snow at low altitude.
Federico Nicolini: We competed with the first three teams until halfway through the race, after that we did not manage to keep the rhythm. It would have been great to get a place on the podium, but the teams ahead us were stronger. However, I am satisfied with my performance.
Alex Oberbacher: Federico is an excellent companion and we did a great race, I want to thank him. The track is really challenging, but wonderful. Amazing race!
Giulia Compagnoni: Getting a medal at a World Championship is a dream to me, I’ve never succeeded. Ilaria and I are satisfied about today, the race was very demanding. I was fine, as was the rest of the season.
Ilaria Veronese: I should thank Giulia for her support during the race. It’s not easy to face such a long race. The descents also went well. I am happy.

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