Adamello Ski Raid Adamello Ski Raid La grande course ISMF
Edizione 2015

The Racecours is 43 km long, altitude gap of 4000 meters

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The 2015 Adamello Ski Raid racecourse, Sunday April 12, develops on a length of 43 km with a positive altitude gap of almost 4.000 meters.
The men’s race will start from Tonalina (1,630 meters) with the first uphill to the 2,585 meters of Passo Paradiso, then another ascent to 2,996 meters to Passo Presena, where it is expected the first skins change. Then downhill to the 2,403 meters of Mandrone Lake, for a further asset change to reach the 3,250 meter of "Canalino" Monte Mandrone. The athletes will descent again to 2,800 meters of Vedretta Mandrone than the inversions begin leading to the Cannone di Cresta Croce (3,300 meters), followed by a couple of asset changes that head to Monte Adamello, the highest point of the race with its 3,539 meters. Then, a brow will lead to the 3,390 meters of Passo degli Italiani, a descent along the northern side of Corno Bianco and another ascent to the 3.230 meters of Passo Venezia. Then down along the beautiful Pisgana route, going through the 2,530 meters of the namesake lake. Therefore, the last 10 km until the 1,250 meters of the finish line in Ponte di Legno. Women will start at a higher altitude of 2,585 meters in Passo Paradise, but then the racetrack will be the same.

The grids have also been defined. Male category starts at 5.30 and last passage allowed on Passo Presena at 7.40, then Lobbie at 10.15 and Bivacco Montura at 13.00. Female category starts at 6.10 from Passo Presena, so the grid will close at 10.45 at Lobbie and at 14.00 at Bivacco Montura.

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