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Edizione 2023

The new route of the Adamello Ski Raid has been defined

Given the lack of precipitation, the Organizing Committee of the Adamello Ski Team has designed a new race course that promises to be highly technical and, above all, spectacular.
Pontedilegno and its imposing high-altitude peaks is in full swing in view of the eighth edition of the Adamello Ski Raid, scheduled for Saturday 25 March and valid this year also as a long distance team world championship, as well as a test of the international circuit The Grande Course.
The organizing committee of the Adamello Ski Team, chaired by Alessandro Mottinelli and with the mountain guide Guido Salvetti as race director, have designed a new race track, which presents itself with an important and above all very spectacular technical level, as is the tradition of this event.

The route will have a development of 32 kilometers and a vertical drop of 3,015 meters, with departure and arrival in Ponte di Legno. After the start, the competitors will climb the Pisgana valley on skis until they reach Punta del Venerocolo (3,323 meters above sea level), to then tackle passages of extraordinary charm such as Cresta Croce with the cannon of the Great War, Passo Lobbia, Mandrone, Passo dei Tre Denti, the Pisganino glacier and the final descent with the aim of reaching the finish line.
We therefore announce an event of high caliber, in the formula for couples, and which overall offers a prize pool of 30,800 euros and presents some interesting innovations, the first of all the awarding of the master categories. As has always been the style of the Adamello Ski Raid, the winners of the male and female categories will receive the same amount, in compliance with gender equality.
Given the championship validity, the Organizing Committee, thanks to the availability of the Pontedilegno Tonale consortium and the local administrations, is scheduled for the evening of Friday 24 March the parade of all the participating teams, with the flag of their nation and an official moment with all the institutions.
The registrations are open until Saturday 18 March 2023, with all the details available on this site.

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