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Edizione 2020

The Ski World Cup starts tomorrow in Ponte di Legno

The Pontedilegno - Tonale area is ready for its absolute debut in the ski mountaineering World Cup circuit with all the big names competing in the two specialties of the sprint, which will take place on Saturday afternoon, and the vertical race on Sunday morning. The teams have arrived in Ponte di Legno and have already been able to breathe the adrenaline atmosphere of the first international event of the season, while the organizers of the Adamello Ski Team have been working hard for days to ensure a high-level technical track, especially for the evening sprint.
In total, 264 athletes from 14 nations of the eight categories provided are registered, i.e. senior, under 23, under 20 and under 18, both male and female, for a competition that promises to be of absolute level also due to the presence of the winners of the last edition of the World Cup, starting with Robert Antonioli from Valtellina, ruler of the "overall" in the last two seasons (three crystal balls he won) and the Swiss Marianne Fatton, who won the women's overall.
The news of the day is represented by the presence of Davide Magnini from Trentino, who recovered in record time from the shoulder injury: «My conditions are not yet optimal, - specified the athlete of the Cs Esercito - but in these days I tried to train intensely and I decided to get involved only for the vertical race on Sunday. For the sprint there are too many changes of attitude and too many movements for my collarbone. I'll give my best, but it won't be easy».
The other two young winners of the 2020 Cup will also be in the blue key, namely Giulia Murada in the under 23 category and Samantha Bertolina in the under 20 category, as well as the Venetian Alba De Silvestro, winner in the individual.
The first race scheduled is the sprint on Saturday 19 December, where the Swiss specialists, from Werner Marti to the under 23 Aurelian Gay, are also to be watched. The setting for the challenges is the track created in the final part of the Corno d'Aola track, illuminated for the occasion and where qualifying will start at 4 pm, followed by the semifinals and finals.
On Sunday, instead, space for the vertical race, starting at 10, and a challenge of ascent only with start from Ponte di Legno and arrival at high altitude by climbing on the Corno d'Aola slope.
Everything is therefore ready for this world Cup premiere for the Pontedilegno - Tonale area, which has also committed itself to respecting the Ismf Covid-19 protocol, thanks to the precious contribution of Asst Valcamonica, which for the occasion has prepared rigorous procedures to ensure the carrying out of this important event, as pointed out by the director general Dr. Maurizio Galavotti: «We are very keen on this collaboration, which is part of the scientific study through which we want to understand how you can live safely taking into account the presence of Covid -19».

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