Adamello Ski Raid Adamello Ski Raid La grande course ISMF
Edizione 2017

The athletes’ impressions

Here the impressions of the winners at the end of Adamello Ski Raid, at the finish line of Ponte di Legno.

Damiano Lenzi:
«Lanfranchi and Boffelli have tried to attack immediately in an exaggerated way. We took advantage of their incredible effort and when they began to run out of petrol, we have increased the pace. We have reached the end of the first downhill and then we separated from them definitely at Canalino Adamello. Our goal was to be able to gain the most advantage possible, because we knew that at the end we had to run without skiis and did not want any surprise».
Matteo Eydallin: «Damiano and I, at this time, have something more in the long races than the others. They can study all the tactics they want, but at the end, they are not enough. We learned how to handle us right from the mistakes we made in the past. One day the others will know how to behave, and then everything will change. Meanwhile we enjoy this victory».

Werner Marti and Martin Anthamatten: «The Adamello Ski Raid is a challenging and extraordinary race. We did a good run, demonstrating that we built a great feeling. The Italians were uncatchable, but we tried to keep our pace and the second place is an excellent result. We had some trouble in the first descent from Passo Presena because there was little space to pass the girls who went before us. We are happy. A positive test in view of Mezzalama that we will face with Kilian Jornet».

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